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This is a update to the post entitled Actor Actor Headshots & Becoming An Actor; Hope this helps!

Well after going though many shots, LA Actor Benjamin James selected this image to represent himself and as a branding portrait. As discussed, the image MUST

Must depict the actor in his or her best light * You just gotta look good, plain and simple; nothing highbrow here!
Must be Timely * Should appeal to “today’s” Agencies / Movie & TV Producers * Always be hip & in fashion * NEVER look dated!
Must not “LOOK” heavily retouched or altered * How many of you have seen “modeling photos” that look like plastic dolls?
Must have an eclectic essence or mass appeal * You don’t want to ever be pigeonholed as an actor!
Must brand YOU as to who you are or who you aspire to be * Read my Branding Article to learn more about this concept
Once again, becoming an actor is not easy but with strong collateral materials you can reach for the stars.

In an up an coming article I will be explaining what an Actor Portfolio so encompass and why you should have one when courting an acting agencies.

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