Steampunk Photo Shoot Professional Fashion Photography

Steampunk Photo Shoot
Professional Fashion / Period Photography

Hey everyone… It’s been kinda crazy over the last few months from co-hosting Digital Photography Cafe too shooting a ton of projects. From Music Album Photography and Design to Fashion Photography and everything in between, I will be sharing some of the latest images in up and coming entries.

For this week, myself and Trevor Current, co-host of Digital Photography Cafe, spoke about Creativity, it’s importance and how to find it if you’ve lost it! 😀 If you haven’t had a chance to listen in, please take a moment to do so. Episode 29

This week a wonderful lady contact us regarding shooting an image for a book author Scott Westerfeld contest in the genre of SteamPunk. If you don’t know what Steampunk is, simply visualize a cross between Victorian & Sci-fi or H. G. Wells / Jules Verne work. Honestly, I knew just about nothing about it until doing this shoot and now think it’s great and credit it to getting my creative juices flowing once again.

Podcast is Out! Display Color Calibration + Audio Editing

This weeks internet radio show that I co-host is out. Give it a listen and please subscribe via iTunes for a weekly latte & digital photography fix! As always we keep the show light & conversational and discuss the Art & Business of Photography.   We discuss SpyderGallery iPad app, […]

Brand New Podcast Digital Photography CafĂ© “Art & Business”

We are happy to announce the launch of our new podcast, Digital Photography CafĂ©. Trevor Current from and Joseph Cristina from have come together to create an inspiring, educational and entertaining podcast about the art and business of photography. Each week Trevor and Joe get together to talk about the […]

Photograph Like the Masters – How to take better photos? 1

Photograph Like the Masters How to take better photos?     Ok folks. Recently I was listening to one of the many podcasts that I frequent and heard something very strange. One of the hosts indicated that many people convert images to black and white as a way of fix […]

Mona Lisa Skull Example

Musician and Pianist for Marilyn Monroe Al Carmen Guastafeste with Fine Art Photographer Joseph Cristina

Opening Night Joseph Cristina Fine Art Photography Exhibit 1

Opening Night of Joseph Cristina’s Fine Art Gallery Exhibit in the Heart of the Art District Las Olas Ft Lauderdale FL Opening Night of my Fine Art Gallery Exhibit in the Heart of the Art District Las Olas Fort Lauderdale Florida turned out exceptional and will run throughout the entire month of […]