Professional Fashion Photography Photo Shoot in Miami Beach FL with Joseph Cristina Fashion Photographer Allure Multimedia Palm Beach Florida

Fashion Photography Behind the Scenes of Professional Photo Shoot Fashion Photographer Joseph Cristina

Behind the Scenes of Professional Fashion Photography Shoot in Miami Beach FL

with Joseph Cristina Fashion Photographer from Allure Multimedia

As a fashion photographer that absolutely loves working with fashion designers, this gig was a dream. While, being given the opportunity to put the Hasselblad H4D-40 medium format 40 megapixel digital camera through it’s paces in a non-traditional “Run and Gun Style”, “Real World”, “On Location” high fashion photography photo shoot was like giving a kid the keys to a candy store; I’m still on a sensor high! This entire shoot would shot with the Hassy and a back Canon 5DmkII as a control unit!

Run & Gun was my theme – Unlike many, I decided to detach this $20,000-$30,000 camera kit from it’s umbilical cord and shot untethered with high speed UDMA SanDisk 16gb & 32gb Memory Cards.

So …

NO Cables

NO Laptop

NO Pro Lighting (580ex II’s + Pocket Wizards Only)

= Light Weight, Mobile & Tons of Fun!

A full review on my experience with this camera will be soon coming by Press Agent Trevor Current of whom flew down to Sunny Miami Florida just to cover this location fashion shoot. Stay Tuned!

The shoot took place in sunny Miami, Florida at Shake-A-Leg Miami Aquatic Center and Marine Academy. You may see some familiar locations in the images and behind the scenes video as several segments of the USA Network hit TV show “Burn Notice” were filmed there, Sailing Dock as well as a Private Island.

Our 10 hour day included 11 creatives all collaborating to make this project a success. I hope you enjoy the fashion photographs and Behind the Scenes video soon to be released.

PhotoPlus Expo & Some Architectural Photography in New York City 2

PhotoPlus Expo Manhattan New York

Photography by Joseph Cristina from Palm Beach, FL

I would like to apologize for fallowing behind! So instead of jumping ahead I’m going to pickup where I left off.

PPE – PhotoPlus Expo went over unbelievably! Too recap, I was asked to shoot the video for an amazing seminar at PhotoPlus Expo entitled: “New Media Marketing for Next Generation Photographers” in Manhattan’s Javis Center. An all star line up of industry leaders speaking which includes: Jack Hollingsworth, Lindsay Adler, Rosh Sillars & Trevor Current.

When not speaking, in seminars, walking the trade floor we took time to enjoy each other’s company and talk shop!

So instead of getting long winded, which I’m very known for, I’ll spare all of you the details and instead share a few photos from the trip. This is a Photo Blog, or at least that’s what they tell me, so … without further adieu … I hope you enjoy!

Finally the whole gang Rosh Sillars, Seshu, Jack Hollingsworth, Trevor Current & Joseph Cristina

Professional Photography Leather Flush Mount Album Wedding Boudoir Modeling & more

Professional Photography Leather Flush Mount Album

Destination Weddings, Boudoir (Classy & Sensual), Modeling & more

I’ve been asked so many times: “What Exactly Does a Custom Designed Leather Flush Mount Album Look Like?”. Well, here you go! After some thought on the topic and knowing the old days of sitting with a client showing book after book are, for the most part history, I’ve decided to bring the process closer to the digital age by allow past, present and future client to experience without having to be here in studio. …

Why Do Today’s Photographers Fear The Shadows? West Palm Beach Professional Photographer 9

Do Today’s Photographers Fear The Shadows?

Granted know one wants a BLACK SHADOW on one side of a person or object within every single Vertical Perspective Image but I think we’ve gone a bit over board now!

I believe to a certain degree, myself included, we have slowly become Shadow Phobic.

I recall like it was yesterday my first “decent” camera purchased while still in high school. It was a Minolta SRT-102 fully manual, metal frame, 35mm that could actually flash sync at a whooping 1/60th of a second! For 1974 technology, it was no slouch and allowed me to photograph solely in Black & White using many different types film while developing all my own work.

The wonderfully strange thing that occurred during this period was my ability to “ see” in black and white! I looked at images as groups of geometric shapes of light & dark and found myself using shadow to give skeleton to a frame and light to provide it with flesh.