Head Shots

Head Shot Photography
Head Shot Photographer creates the best marketable likeness possible

HeadShot Photography can be used by an individual or model but really shines in the corporate market place. Many businesses use GENERIC “in house” images of their executives, sales force and other employees which in most cases does not do the business justice. Everyone in business or modeling knows that you MUST put your best face forward. From a modeling agency to a firm trying to attract high end clients, the look of the individual in their HeadShots is paramount to getting a the right gig or landing a deal. As with all other forms of photography Allure brings out the characteristics of the person. Allure Multimedia, as always, focuses on the positive attribute of the client or clients model and minimizes any appearance of any negative. The final result of our work is ready for print or magazine publication or simply to be hung in a board room. Images are massaged until they meet our high-standards.

Many companies on MYSPACE.COM are using professional Head Shots to ensure they represent themselves as a credible organization which a simple snap-shot could never accomplish!

Allure Multimedia can be commissioned to shoot for your Magazine Publication or other Print. Models can also benefit by adding this style of photographs (HeadShots) into their portfolios to give a more rounded appearance and is the corner stone to a Comp Card or Modeling Portfolio.