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PhotoPlus Expo @ Javits NYC * Cinematography / Professional Event Photography 1

Even more exciting is the fact that I was asked to shoot the video for an amazing seminar entitled: New Media Marketing for Next Generation Photographers on Friday. The Cinematography will be shot using multiple Canon 5DmkII and digitally recorded via the incredible H4N. Behind the scenes / Teaser video coming soon after the event. There will be an star studded line up of industry leader speaking which include: Jack Hollingsworth, Lindsay Adler, Rosh Sillars & Trevor Current all speaking about Marketing & Social Networking for the photographer. This is a must see for any Beginner, Intermediate or Pro Photographers that wishes to hedge their marketing dollars by using today social media avenues! If your in the area, come by and say hello! I’m always eager to me new interest people. Don’t forget to ask Lindsay or Rosh to sign their new book for you: The Linked Photographers’ Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media

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