Podcast is Out! Display Color Calibration + Audio Editing

This weeks internet radio show that I co-host is out. Give it a listen and please subscribe via iTunes for a weekly latte & digital photography fix! As always we keep the show light & conversational and discuss the Art & Business of Photography.   We discuss SpyderGallery iPad app, […]

Brand New Podcast Digital Photography Café “Art & Business”

We are happy to announce the launch of our new podcast, Digital Photography Café. Trevor Current from and Joseph Cristina from have come together to create an inspiring, educational and entertaining podcast about the art and business of photography. Each week Trevor and Joe get together to talk about the […]

10 Ways to Convince Yourself, Family & Friends That You Must Have A Shiny New Apple #iPad

10 Ways to Convince Yourself, Family & Friends

That You Must Have A Shiny New Apple #iPad

1. The iPad will force me to be more organized while never again forgetting to complete what’s on my honey do list.

2. The iPad will force me to be more prompt; early instead of late to all future appointments and client meetings.

3. The iPad will take the place of my heavy portfolio as art directors will no longer have a need to see printed images.

4. The iPad will display my work so beautifully I will certainly obtain more clients while increasing over all profitability.

5. The iPad purchase will make me ECO friendly “Green” by no longer using paper; saving the forests and putting a halt to Global Warning.

6. The iPad purchase will allow Apple to hire more employees resulting in lowering unemployment.

7. The iPad will save me over $500 a year by no longer needing to purchase Newpapers or Magazines.

….ooops. This might contribute to higher unemployment… Ahh Whatever! … Read #6 – Relax – Drink the Kool Aid – Every-thing’s fine!

8. The iPad will raise my IQ 20 points by allowing me to take advantage of online classes from the comforts of my bathroom.

9. The iPad purchase will demonstrate to my clients that I’m on the bleeding edge of technology, an early adopter and certainly a leader NOT a follower.

… And the last reason that I absolutely must purchase a Brand New Shiny Apple iPad is that…

10. It’s just so darn sexy my libido will surely skyrocket from simply Turning It On!

….Honey… I’m home, let’s break out a bottle of wine, my iPad and head straight to bed!

OK FOLKS, Now you know why the Apple iPad is an absolute must have so get out there and pick up one of these Life Altering Marvels of Modern Day Technology … I AM

10 Ways to Convince Yourself, Family & Friend That You Must Have a Shiny New Apple iPad