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Behind the Scenes Video of Fashion Photography Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes VIDEO of Professional

Fashion Photographer Joseph Cristina

On Location “Run & Gun” Test Hasselblad H4D-40 Medium Format Digital Camera

Run & Gun was my theme – Unlike many, I decided to detach this $27,000 camera kit from it’s umbilical cord and shot untethered with high speed UDMA SanDisk 16gb & 32gb Memory Cards.

At $1,000/hr for location costs, it was both Awe-Inspiring & Exhilarating at the same time! I can not say enough about the team of 11 creatives whom collaborated on this project to make it happen! Thank you all!

This video is simply a fast paced “Run & Gun” depiction of the Fashion Shoot testing the Hasselblad H4D-40 Medium Format Digital Camera. I hope you enjoy it.

Slow Internet Speed? Try letting the Video Load First of Downgrade to 360p

[youtube wkqk5sR2HA8&hd=1 Behind the Scenes of Professional Fashion Photographer Joseph Cristina]

Come See How the Photos Turned Out CLICK HERE

These images were taken during a fashion shoot in in sunny Miami, Florida at Shake-A-Leg Miami Aquatic Center and Marine Academy. You may see some familiar locations in the images and behind the scenes video as several segments of the USA Network hit TV show “Burn Notice” were filmed there, Sailing Dock as well as a Private Island.

Behind The Scenes of Professional Fashion Photographer Joseph Cristina Fashion Photo Shoot in Miami Beach FL Allure Multimedia Palm Beach Florida

Professional actor headshot acting headshots by Joseph Cristina Allure Multimedia Palm Beach FLorida

Actor Headshot South Florida Acting Headshots Photographer 1

This is a update to the post entitled Actor Actor Headshots & Becoming An Actor; Hope this helps!

Well after going though many shots, LA Actor Benjamin James selected this image to represent himself and as a branding portrait. As discussed, the image MUST

Must depict the actor in his or her best light * You just gotta look good, plain and simple; nothing highbrow here!
Must be Timely * Should appeal to “today’s” Agencies / Movie & TV Producers * Always be hip & in fashion * NEVER look dated!
Must not “LOOK” heavily retouched or altered * How many of you have seen “modeling photos” that look like plastic dolls?
Must have an eclectic essence or mass appeal * You don’t want to ever be pigeonholed as an actor!
Must brand YOU as to who you are or who you aspire to be * Read my Branding Article to learn more about this concept
Once again, becoming an actor is not easy but with strong collateral materials you can reach for the stars.

In an up an coming article I will be explaining what an Actor Portfolio so encompass and why you should have one when courting an acting agencies.

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Actor Headshots & Becoming An Actor * Headshot Photographer 1

Actor Headshots & Becoming An Actor
When becoming an actor, Actor Headshots are one of the most important requirements and can make the difference in getting casting calls and not. Headshots for actors help agencies place their talent with producers, film makers, TV Producers and alike. No matter if you’re looking to become a Hollywood Actor Super Star in California or star in a Disney Production in Orlando, FL a high quality acting headshot by and professional headshot photographer is critical! So, what makes Actor Headshots good?

Actor Headshots Acting Headshot Photographer West Palm Beach South Florida

Professional Corporate Branding Design & Photography by Joseph Cristina of Allure Multimedia, LLC

The Creating of an Image & Professional Branding of a Company 2

The Creating of an Image & Professional Branding of a Company

I’m publishing this short entry as a follow up to my previous article entitled ” Professional Branding Portraiture Photography – Ditch the 80’s Real Estate Head Shot “. Let me beginning by giving you some background: A few weeks back the studio receives contact from a brand new company which was in need of a “Look”, a “Brand”, or “Image” to allow their clients to recognize them immediately when seeing their promotional materials.

This strong association between the Company and the Brand is one of the most critical factors when starting a new venture and is so often over looked..

Professional Model Photographer: Head Shot : Comp Card : Portfolio * Photo by Joseph Cristina - Allure Multimedia

The Role of a Professional Modeling Portfolio Photographer

The Role of a Professional Modeling Portfolio Photographer

Recently I had the absolute pleasure to work with a great model with tons of spark and a good head on her shoulders. Above you can see a few of the snaps made during this studio session.

Modeling Portfolio Photography, like Head Shots or Comp Cards must depict the client in their most SALABLE light. The difference between the Portofolio, Head shots and Comp Cards is simply the number of photographs a model has to use to “get the job”, so to speak.

An easy way to look at this is simply —- The Head Shot is your Business Card; The Comp Card is your Invitation to get in the door; while your Portfolio is the eclectic representation of YOU as a model that will open the greatest number of doors and ultimately “seal the deal” with the agency or art director.

A professional photographer should not only focused on making stunning images but creating an inherent value to the product, service or client photographed.

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