Javis Center

PhotoPlus Expo & Some Architectural Photography in New York City 2

PhotoPlus Expo Manhattan New York

Photography by Joseph Cristina from Palm Beach, FL

I would like to apologize for fallowing behind! So instead of jumping ahead I’m going to pickup where I left off.

PPE – PhotoPlus Expo went over unbelievably! Too recap, I was asked to shoot the video for an amazing seminar at PhotoPlus Expo entitled: “New Media Marketing for Next Generation Photographers” in Manhattan’s Javis Center. An all star line up of industry leaders speaking which includes: Jack Hollingsworth, Lindsay Adler, Rosh Sillars & Trevor Current.

When not speaking, in seminars, walking the trade floor we took time to enjoy each other’s company and talk shop!

So instead of getting long winded, which I’m very known for, I’ll spare all of you the details and instead share a few photos from the trip. This is a Photo Blog, or at least that’s what they tell me, so … without further adieu … I hope you enjoy!

Finally the whole gang Rosh Sillars, Seshu, Jack Hollingsworth, Trevor Current & Joseph Cristina