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Professional Boudoir Photography … Classy Not Trashy * South Florida

Lisa Minns wrote a fabulous article about my Classy Not Trashy Professional Boudoir Photography here in West Palm Beach South Florida which was featured on page 24 of this months November 2009 “the Parklander” Magazine; previously interviewed by the TodayShow February 2008 Valentines Day.

As for myself, Professional Photographer and wife, Fabiola, Licensed Cosmetologist, it was an absolute honor to be recognized throughout the country from the Today Show and now locally within the amazing Parklander Magazine for this life changing form of photography called Boudoir. It is my goal to not only make beautiful images but to impress positively on every individual whom I photograph. I’m humbled by the amazing stories that I hear from past clients on how we had effected their over-all view of themselves and empowered them to move forward fearlessly and with confidence.

Lisa Minns – The Parklander Noverber 2009: ** read more **

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Musician Album Cover Photographer & Designer West Palm Beach, FL

Well as a photographer for the better part of two decades, I have photographed many interesting people. One of my FAVORITE projects is to work on is a fellow artists vision / inspiration. Not being stifled, bond by so many rules and guidelines, allows my creative juices to flow! * I LOVE IT *

About a month ago, Samuel Gali, (musician, composer, pianist) approached me after searching for a professional musician style photographer that could not only give him the IMAGE that he was looking for but have the ability to complete his project from start to finish.

His project was a complete Press-Ready 6 panel DigiPak as seen in your local music store. This album cover project not only included a studio photo session but direct work with Layout, Design and Replicators requirements. Having magazine and advertising agency background doing paste-up, layout and front cover work, it’s by far my passion to create final production pieces!

I love photography but still consider myself a PHOTO-ARTIST more than a “Photographer”. I just love love love getting elbows deep in Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator and other instrumental packages to create final production pieces for my clients.

As a professional musician photographer whom has worked on instrumental albums, singer song writers albums as well as music producers promotional materials, I find myself very “in-tune” with the “artist”.

Their IMAGE is absolutely critical and the professional photographer they commission to capture it is as important as picking the right first song on their album! Artist realize that their IMAGE can be made or broke by a photograph; It’s that important.

During my sessions with artists, as a rule, I ask that an they bring a demo reel with them that can be played throughout the studio to give me a better feel for who they are. Let me just say, GALI’s ( IS ) an amazing, let me repeat AMAZING musician, composer & pianist,!! All I can say is; Wow! The sound that filled the studio was unbelievable!

Having been selected out of many Professional Photography & Design Studios to create his first (signature) CD /DVD combo DigiPak music album was an honor for me. Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to your up and coming second album.

Look for GALI’s album to hit stores by the beginning of next year and his first release on itunes is coming very soon! If you like masterful piano with a Jazzy, Modern Sound, you’re gonna love his work!