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Steampunk Photo Shoot Professional Fashion Photography

Steampunk Photo Shoot
Professional Fashion / Period Photography

Hey everyone… It’s been kinda crazy over the last few months from co-hosting Digital Photography Cafe too shooting a ton of projects. From Music Album Photography and Design to Fashion Photography and everything in between, I will be sharing some of the latest images in up and coming entries.

For this week, myself and Trevor Current, co-host of Digital Photography Cafe, spoke about Creativity, it’s importance and how to find it if you’ve lost it! 😀 If you haven’t had a chance to listen in, please take a moment to do so. Episode 29

This week a wonderful lady contact us regarding shooting an image for a book author Scott Westerfeld contest in the genre of SteamPunk. If you don’t know what Steampunk is, simply visualize a cross between Victorian & Sci-fi or H. G. Wells / Jules Verne work. Honestly, I knew just about nothing about it until doing this shoot and now think it’s great and credit it to getting my creative juices flowing once again.

Professional Fashion Photography Photo Shoot in Miami Beach FL with Joseph Cristina Fashion Photographer Allure Multimedia Palm Beach Florida

Fashion Photography Behind the Scenes of Professional Photo Shoot Fashion Photographer Joseph Cristina

Behind the Scenes of Professional Fashion Photography Shoot in Miami Beach FL

with Joseph Cristina Fashion Photographer from Allure Multimedia

As a fashion photographer that absolutely loves working with fashion designers, this gig was a dream. While, being given the opportunity to put the Hasselblad H4D-40 medium format 40 megapixel digital camera through it’s paces in a non-traditional “Run and Gun Style”, “Real World”, “On Location” high fashion photography photo shoot was like giving a kid the keys to a candy store; I’m still on a sensor high! This entire shoot would shot with the Hassy and a back Canon 5DmkII as a control unit!

Run & Gun was my theme – Unlike many, I decided to detach this $20,000-$30,000 camera kit from it’s umbilical cord and shot untethered with high speed UDMA SanDisk 16gb & 32gb Memory Cards.

So …

NO Cables

NO Laptop

NO Pro Lighting (580ex II’s + Pocket Wizards Only)

= Light Weight, Mobile & Tons of Fun!

A full review on my experience with this camera will be soon coming by Press Agent Trevor Current of whom flew down to Sunny Miami Florida just to cover this location fashion shoot. Stay Tuned!

The shoot took place in sunny Miami, Florida at Shake-A-Leg Miami Aquatic Center and Marine Academy. You may see some familiar locations in the images and behind the scenes video as several segments of the USA Network hit TV show “Burn Notice” were filmed there, Sailing Dock as well as a Private Island.

Our 10 hour day included 11 creatives all collaborating to make this project a success. I hope you enjoy the fashion photographs and Behind the Scenes video soon to be released.

How to pick an Actor Headshot or Modeling Headshot Photographer? 2

How to pick an Actor Headshot or Modeling Headshot Photographer?


When commissioning a photographer, take the time to look at their portfolio, discuss with them exactly what you or the agency requires and for the Love of God, do your due diligence before wasting your money.
If you think (man or woman) you can do your own hair & makeup; SLAP YOURSELF once for being ignorant and twice for being so damn cheap! (Did I say that?… YES! YES I DID…) A hair & makeup artist on location during your session will not only provide you with a better photographic appearance but will also provide different hair do’s and fashion styling which ultimately will benefit you by providing a greater number of looks to proof through once your session is over.

James Monde modeling headshot photographer by Joseph Crisitna alluremm 304-720px West Palm Beach South Florida

Palm Beach Destination Wedding Photography - Destination Wedding Cinematography South Florida Bride Groom Washington Post Photo allure multimedia #3

Palm Beach Destination Wedding Photography & Cinematography

Palm Beach Destination Wedding Photography &

Wedding Cinematography

by Allure Multimedia Professional Photography & Cinematography

* * * *

Is it time for your Destination Wedding? Are looking for Professional Destination Wedding Photography or Wedding Cinematography and need to keep the event under wraps until the event is over or possibly indefinitely? If so, look no further! We’ve worked with and are trusted by celebrities, sports icons, government officials to fortune 100 companies due to our unwavering professionalism and integrity.

American Heart Association Gala Event Heart Ball 2010 North Palm Beach Florida

This was a amazing gala event raising money & awareness for the American Heart Association. Honorary Chair was the one and only, New York Jets Hero and Legion, Joe Namath.

Sidenote: Joe Namath was down to earth, wonderful to speak to and really understanding while having to photograph him for over an hour in his VIP room seen above! What a great sport!

For Professional Gala Event Photography, For Profit & Non-Profit Event Coverage or confidential celebrity photos sessions, drop us a line!

American Heart Association Gala Event Heart Ball North Palm Beach Florida - Professional Gala Event Photography by Joseph Cristina * Allure Multimedia

Allure Multimedia Professional Commercial Photographer * Q: ISO vs Strobes vs Monolights 2

Will higher useable ISO create a resurgence of small Strobes vs Monolights?

As an event and commercial photographer base in West Palm Beach, FL, I’m continuously replacing old gear with new to increase productivity. Well, yesterday I began searching for a new set of studio strobes as ours are… let’s just say… getting at bit long in the tooth!

Jumped head first into researching which of today’s monolights was not only high quality but also were the best bang for the buck. While reading reviews and of course asking friends and fellow professional photographers, @trevorcurrent, @photojack, @lensflare35, @newmediaphoto, just to name a few, on Twitter — my second home. Quickly it became apparent that this cross section of well-recognized Pros would have answers as diverse as the style of photography they worked in. From Alien Bee to ProFoto and everything in between!