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Professional Boudoir Photography … Classy Not Trashy * South Florida

Lisa Minns wrote a fabulous article about my Classy Not Trashy Professional Boudoir Photography here in West Palm Beach South Florida which was featured on page 24 of this months November 2009 “the Parklander” Magazine; previously interviewed by the TodayShow February 2008 Valentines Day.

As for myself, Professional Photographer and wife, Fabiola, Licensed Cosmetologist, it was an absolute honor to be recognized throughout the country from the Today Show and now locally within the amazing Parklander Magazine for this life changing form of photography called Boudoir. It is my goal to not only make beautiful images but to impress positively on every individual whom I photograph. I’m humbled by the amazing stories that I hear from past clients on how we had effected their over-all view of themselves and empowered them to move forward fearlessly and with confidence.

Lisa Minns – The Parklander Noverber 2009: ** read more **

Kelley Hall – Professional Model Headshot / Actor Head Shots Palm Beach South Florida

elley was such a pleasure to work with. With very little coaching, she was hitting pose after pose. The above photos were just a few from this week’s 2 hour modeling headshot session with Kelley Hall. Fabiola of Fairytale Beauty, LLC, my fabulous wife provided all hair and makeup for this shoot. Fabiola specializes in Professional Bridal Hair & Makeup Services in South Florida but as a team, Fabiola and myself work on many projects to from actor headshots; celebrity head shots; male & female model headshots; all forms of headshot photography in palm beach Florida; fashion; commercial; wedding photography; catalog; gala events; boudoir sessions and much much more. For over 15 years we have been honing our skills and hope it shows in our work.

It is my goal to positively change the lives of all I photograph. I put 110% of my heart and soul into each and every image. As they say, the devils in the details; I truly believe this to be the case! From the countless hours of dark room retouching / photo processing elbows deep in chemicals to now sitting in front of multiple 30″ LCD monitors. The methods have changed over time but the time to create a work of art has not.

Thanks for visiting my blog and if you have any questions regarding booking mine or Fabiola’s services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tonya Zavasta Magazine Cover Shoot Professional Photography South Florida

Book author Tonya Zavasta commision me to shoot a cover shot for the UK based magazine Get Fresh Summer Issue. After a week or so of going back and forth with Publisher/Art Director to help hone in as to what they were looking for the shoot went off without a hitch! Tonya, age 51 is just stunning in person! Her RAW lifestyle surely plays a role in her shape, wellness and incredible skin. I urge you to visit her website and purchase one of her many book on the subjust!

It was my pleasure to work with Tonya and would like to take a moment to thank Sarah from the Fresh-Network for her assistance in this production! Last but not least, Fabiola of Fairytale Beauty, my wife, for providing her professional on location hair and makeup services at short notice.

—Magazine Cover Professional Photographer South Florida; Miami / Palm Beach / Treasure Coast – Corporate & Professional Head Shots

Passover Seder & Dinner – Prestigious Event Photography Palm Beach & All of South Florida

It’s was wonderful to enjoy Passover in Aventura – Miami, FL. Many families from all over the world were praying, eating and of course enjoying the fellowship of the Seder. Watching from young & old reading and praying together allowed me a moment to reflect on what should be most important to all of us: God, Family, Health and Good Friends. IMHO

… From Prestigious Gala Events for hundreds to intimate parties for a few, you honor me by allowing me to capture each and every fleeting moment

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