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Giving back to the community One Click At A Time

— You WILL make a difference

The inspiration for this entry was from a Tweet made by Rosh Sillars @newmediaphotographer on Twitter while speaking at Photo Plus Expo : “Bottom line you get what you give” as well as recently covering, as I have in past years, the Chocolate Festival benefiting the Children’s Craniofacial Association []. This wonderful organization assists children with abnormality of the face and/or the head. These disfigurements can be brought about by birth defect, disease or trauma.

Over the years, many non-profit organizations have come to me looking for event coverage; not as a step and repeat or press photographer but as one whom can capture their gala event as it happens and in a light that encourages others to participate in the future.

From the American Heart Association, Jewish Family & Children Services, American Cancer Society & and many many others; I have always made it a point to donate my services to at least 1 charity per month at no charge, a mere stipend or at a reduced rate to simply give back to the local community.

This simple act has not only helped 10’s of thousands directly and indirectly but as a unforeseen side effect, of sorts, has catapulted my career.

We have all heard the sayings that go something like “Charity Begins In The Home” and “Give When Your Own Cup Is Full” … but honestly … I completely disagree with both of these premises.

You see … the feeling of accomplishment, goodwill and overall empowerment in knowing that you have helped a group of individuals, many whom of which work for mere stipend themselves, assist the less fortunate will allow your cup to over flow in the short term as well as the long term.

Don’t get me wrong … As a father of three I know times are tough right now and working for “free” is, for most, not an option but by simply giving a discount for your services or maybe providing an auction item to a community organization will go a long way for both you and most of all the ones in need!

Bottom line: From the smiles of the children, deep appreciation of organization’s volunteers and infinite number of new and wonderful contacts which you will acquire; giving back to your local community “One Click At A Time” will certainly fill your cup emotionally, spiritually and monetarily.

So … Give It A Shot and report back as to how doing what you love and giving back has impacted your life and/or business! I want to hear from you … please take a moment to share!

Once again, thank you so very much for your taking the time for visiting my website and most of all thank you for all of your wonderful comments.

Here’s a few snaps from the Chocolate Festival; hope you enjoy.

About Joseph Cristina

I'm a full-time Palm Beach based Professional Photographer with over 18 years experience in both Photography and Graphic / Media Production. Formal training was received from FAU and the Art Institute in the late 80's. I've worked within multiple advertising agencies along with having work published internationally. Allure Multimedia, LLC is my photographic and multimedia studio base in the sunny Palm Beach, FL. The studio's capacities are many from professional photography to advertising design and multimedia presentation ie. (Wedding Photography, Corporate Events, Modeling, Mitzvahs, TV and Internet Advertising Spots) to name a few. In this digital age, the number of part-time photographers has increase 100 fold diluting the industry with what are known as "weekend warriors". This has lend itself to a rise of a cottage industry of amateurs posing as professionals, underbidding and misleading only to then produce mediocre, at best, final production work. Clients coming to us for professional photography or media creation are reassured by our professionalism, impeccable service, and final product provided, they have made the right decision in commissioning our studio.

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5 thoughts on “Giving back to the community One Click At A Time – Professional Photographer Joseph Cristina

  • john


    I completely agree with you that you get what you give and that Karma is a powerful force.
    I do volunteer work now and again, and often give nonprofits a major discount off of my regular rates. It just makes me feel like I am contributing to our larger society.

    Here is one project I worked on for that was quite fun

    And I later shot a fundraising gala for Covenant House (who was working with) at no charge because I really like what these people are doing for disadvantaged youth.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Rosh - New Media Photographer

    Good to hear we offered a little inspiration at PPE. We had a lot of question about “how”. You get what you give really is the how. People like to help people who help others.

    If you give a lot in business, family, social life or social media people will recognize you – if you accept it. This can allow for wonderful growth.

    Good post.


  • Will

    Aside from Rosh Sillars being the bomb and thoroughly enjoying following you both, this article really strikes a chord with me. I’ve often written from a similar angle and am a great believer in ‘paying it forward’. Will link to this in a future blog.

    Great work. Have a lovely and fulfilled weekend