Palm Beach Destination Wedding Photography & Cinematography

Palm Beach Destination Wedding Photography &

Wedding Cinematography

by Allure Multimedia Professional Photography & Cinematography

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Is it time for your Destination Wedding? Are looking for Professional Destination Wedding Photography or Wedding Cinematography and need to keep the event under wraps until the event is over or possibly indefinitely? If so, look no further! We’ve worked with and are trusted by celebrities, sports icons,  government officials to fortune 100 companies due to our unwavering professionalism and integrity.

Washington, DC’s Matthew & Holidae’s wedding day began at the beautiful “Breakers Palm Beach” where the bride and bridesmaids where pampered by licensed cosmetologist Hair & Makeup Artist Fabiola Cristina of Fairytale Beauty; after Guests and wedding party arrived via trolley at the majestic Royal Poinciana Chapel where voes were exchanged;  finally all were received at the incredibly gorgeous and prestigious Everglades Club in the heart of Palm Beach South Florida. This simply amazing destination wedding was attended by 120+ upper echelon guests from our nations capital and beyond! Find the The Washington Post Article by Kathleen Hom below.

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Allure Multimedia provided a team of 3, myself and two other cinema assistances for professional wedding photography as well as professional wedding cinematography for the duration of the final day; Getting Ready; Ceremony and of course the EPIC reception! All cinematography, include main cam and b-roll was shot with high-end (HD) High Definition 1080P 35mm camera’s as used in filming HOUSE and many other movie and TV productions; not standard video cameras! This helps us in post-production to produced a true cinematic movie trailer style final result for the client.  We provide dramatic short movie esque 10-15 minute presentation and not mundane and drab 2-3 hour old-school video. This is NOT your parents wedding video! 🙂

Professional Wedding Photography was also shot with high-end camera equipment but more importantly photographed with an eye for artistry and not general documentation of the event. My goal is to make sure our team allows the day to unfold naturally and to not force our idea of what the “perfect day” should look like.

On a side note: One of my absolute loves is black and white wedding photography for it’s timeless quality and non-distracting nature. I’m always looking for a daring couple to elect for an entire wedding album of black and white wedding photos to be custom designed. If you’re that couple; please contact me; We need to do coffee…

What are your Wedding Photography Prices / Can you send me your Wedding Photography Packages

Due to our wonderful economy, one of the first questions that we hear these days from both affluent to budget oriented clienst are “What are your Wedding Photography Prices” and “Can you send me your Wedding Photography Packages“.  Granted pricing is always an issue and it has been my suggestion since day one that everyone should try to obtain a photographer or cinematographer that not only fits into their budget but must have a style (work) that you relate with and feel comfortable sharing your special day with. So please, do us all in this industry a favor and review the professionals work before asking the $$ money $$ questions. I assure you as certain as I’m sitting here sipping my coffee and typing this article, if you began your opening statement with the $$ question your chance of retaining a quality photographer will be severely reduced. Believe It or Not, top dollar does not assure you top notch work but be certain you will not receive an experienced professional for “cheap“.

Below, find the article found within the pages of the “Washington Post” regarding the wedding discussed above.

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To See A Few Approved Photographs – Follow this link

Quote from “The Washington Post”; Article by Kathleen Hom; Sunday, July 18, 2010

Holidae Hayes, 46, is a financial adviser. Matthew Gavin, 51, is an orthopedic surgeon. They live in Northwest Washington and Leesburg.

Wedding date: May 30.

Locations: Royal Poinciana Chapel and Everglades Club in Palm Beach, Fla.

Guests: 120.

How they met: Mutual friends introduced Holidae to Matt 20 years ago, but only last year did she discover he was a doctor and went to see if he would remove a couple of stitches. He was puzzled but agreed. The two had dinner in Georgetown and, as Matt walked Holidae to her car, he asked if she was serious about the stitches. She revealed them, and under the glow of the car’s rearview mirror light, Matt impressed her with his steady hand as he cut them away.

The proposal: In January they were watching the sunset in Punta de Mita, Mexico, and a resort employee approached Holidae with a florist box. Matt had filled it with carrots and the engagement ring because he wanted to ensure there were sufficient “carats” to elicit a yes. The next morning, Holidae woke up with food poisoning; Matt jokes that she was reacting to the commitment.

The wedding: On the last evening of their three-day wedding celebration, Holidae snuck out of the ballroom, changed into an ostrich-feathered dress and reappeared on a smoke-covered stage, dancing to Madonna’s “Holiday.”

Honeymoon: Early-morning hikes, zip line rides and crocodile watching in Costa Rica.

— Kathleen Hom

Click Here to read complete article on The Washington Post Website

Thank you so much for taking the time to read yet another of my rants and as always it’s my hope that you took away a small piece of knowledge which I have acquired over the many years. Your comments are welcome and encouraged.

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