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Classy Boudoir Photography Behind The Scenes TV Segment 1

Classy Boudoir Photography Behind The Scenes TV Segment

NBC 6 / Telemundo 51 Miami

Previously we were interviewed by The TodayShow for what I call my “Classy Not Trashy” Boudoir Photography. Just recently we were approached by a producer from NBC 6 / Telemundo 51 Miami to do a full segment regarding this specific form of photography.

Boudoir Photography should force the photographer to create images that flatter their client and do so in a classy manor but over the years I saw so many “boudoir photos” that in my mind did the contrary. I made it my goal to bring the Classy back to Boudoir Photography and it’s my hope this thought can be seen within my boudoir photographs.

Like all other forms of portraiture, Boudoir Photography does allow for surreal themes, playfulness and artistry with styling seen within the pages of todays top fashion magazines.

With a strong collaboration between The Client, My Beautiful Wife, Fabiola, Licensed Cosmetologist / Hair & Makeup Artist and myself professional photographer we create images that are truly timeless.

I’ve been told by clients that our sensual photography sessions are life transforming events and many women have returned years later for followup sessions as a way to document their life’s journey of self discovery!

We are located in Sunny South Florida Palm Beach County but travel the country and even worldwide sharing our gifts.

From Fine Art, Boudoir, Modeling and Commercial Photography project, I would like to welcome all to contact me for more information. Enjoy the segment!

Telemundo / NBC 6 TV Segment with Joseph Cristina & Fabiola Cristina forcing on their "Classy Not Trashy" Boudoir Photography Sessions