Photography Website Design Best Practices – Audio mp3

Photography Website Design Best Practices – Audio mp3

By The Way… where in the heck did our Facebook Newsfeed Updates go?

Photographer Website Design & Best Practices || Facebook for Business Tip you can’t afford not to get!

So the response to our short recorded conversation really went over well. I would like to thank everyone for listening, all of the positive feedback and most of all the questions & comments that were sent. This week we touch on Pro Photographer website design and best practices along with answer a listeners’ question “Where in the heck did the majority of my Facebook Newsfeed updates go?”.

We discuss modern Flash based photographer websites verses a blog style WordPress alternative along with giving the listener something which can be immediately acted to increase business communications with clients & colleagues.

It’s my hope that you not only enjoy our brief conversations but pick up something of value. ┬áDrop us a comment or question and we’ll do our best to include it within our next discussion regarding all things Photography, Social Media Marketing and how they’re linked.

Listen, comment & ask questions!

About Joseph Cristina

I'm a full-time Palm Beach based Professional Photographer with over 18 years experience in both Photography and Graphic / Media Production. Formal training was received from FAU and the Art Institute in the late 80's. I've worked within multiple advertising agencies along with having work published internationally. Allure Multimedia, LLC is my photographic and multimedia studio base in the sunny Palm Beach, FL. The studio's capacities are many from professional photography to advertising design and multimedia presentation ie. (Wedding Photography, Corporate Events, Modeling, Mitzvahs, TV and Internet Advertising Spots) to name a few. In this digital age, the number of part-time photographers has increase 100 fold diluting the industry with what are known as "weekend warriors". This has lend itself to a rise of a cottage industry of amateurs posing as professionals, underbidding and misleading only to then produce mediocre, at best, final production work. Clients coming to us for professional photography or media creation are reassured by our professionalism, impeccable service, and final product provided, they have made the right decision in commissioning our studio.

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