Steampunk Photo Shoot Professional Fashion Photography

Steampunk Photo Shoot

Professional Fashion / Period Photography


Hey everyone… It’s been kinda crazy over the last few months from co-hosting Digital Photography Cafe too shooting a ton of projects. From Music Album Photography and Design to Fashion Photography and everything in between, I will be sharing some of the latest images in up and coming entries.


For this week, myself and Trevor Current, co-host of Digital Photography Cafe, spoke about Creativity, it’s importance and  how to find it if you’ve lost it! 😀 If you haven’t had a chance to listen in, please take a moment to do so. Episode 29


This week a wonderful lady contact us regarding shooting an image for a book author Scott Westerfeld contest in the genre of SteamPunk. If you don’t know what Steampunk is, simply visualize a cross between Victorian & Sci-fi or H. G. Wells / Jules Verne work. Honestly, I knew just about nothing about it until doing this shoot and now think it’s great and credit it to getting my creative juices flowing once again.


Within this weeks internet radio show I tress the importance of setting up a shoot in a specific area within a location and squeezing it for everything that it’s worth. No matter how great a location is, no matter how many fantastic areas are in the location, no matter how much you want to shoot everywhere throughout the location, YOU MUST CONTROL THE URGE. Too often I see amateurs and even pros jump around a location as if they feared missing out on something and end up with SNAP-SHOTS instead of PIECES OF ART.


I’m including a bunch of images from this one hour shoot as a means of demonstrating the many different images that can be created in a very short period of time and in a single area within an awesome location. I’ve also included a picture of myself that my assistant look prior to handing me my camera after climbing up to the top of a hugh 10+ foot front loader where some of the images were photographed from.


Since this was for a contest and I know my client’s daughter would absolutely LOVE to win; if you’re reading this prior to Dec 9th, please goto the link below and if you like her image, give her a vote! Thanks everyone and if you have any questions or comments you would like answered here or on the show, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!


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I'm a full-time Palm Beach based Professional Photographer with over 18 years experience in both Photography and Graphic / Media Production. Formal training was received from FAU and the Art Institute in the late 80's. I've worked within multiple advertising agencies along with having work published internationally. Allure Multimedia, LLC is my photographic and multimedia studio base in the sunny Palm Beach, FL. The studio's capacities are many from professional photography to advertising design and multimedia presentation ie. (Wedding Photography, Corporate Events, Modeling, Mitzvahs, TV and Internet Advertising Spots) to name a few. In this digital age, the number of part-time photographers has increase 100 fold diluting the industry with what are known as "weekend warriors". This has lend itself to a rise of a cottage industry of amateurs posing as professionals, underbidding and misleading only to then produce mediocre, at best, final production work. Clients coming to us for professional photography or media creation are reassured by our professionalism, impeccable service, and final product provided, they have made the right decision in commissioning our studio.

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