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Steampunk Photo Shoot
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Hey everyone… It’s been kinda crazy over the last few months from co-hosting Digital Photography Cafe too shooting a ton of projects. From Music Album Photography and Design to Fashion Photography and everything in between, I will be sharing some of the latest images in up and coming entries.

For this week, myself and Trevor Current, co-host of Digital Photography Cafe, spoke about Creativity, it’s importance and how to find it if you’ve lost it! 😀 If you haven’t had a chance to listen in, please take a moment to do so. Episode 29

This week a wonderful lady contact us regarding shooting an image for a book author Scott Westerfeld contest in the genre of SteamPunk. If you don’t know what Steampunk is, simply visualize a cross between Victorian & Sci-fi or H. G. Wells / Jules Verne work. Honestly, I knew just about nothing about it until doing this shoot and now think it’s great and credit it to getting my creative juices flowing once again.

Podcast is Out! Display Color Calibration + Audio Editing

This weeks internet radio show that I co-host is out. Give it a listen and please subscribe via iTunes for a weekly latte & digital photography fix! As always we keep the show light & conversational and discuss the Art & Business of Photography.   We discuss SpyderGallery iPad app, […]

Digital Photography Café – 001: Zippy Online Meetings, Site Recovery and Getting Your Photos Naked 1

This week Trevor Current and Joseph Cristina talk about Zipcast, a new online meeting service from the folks at, the importance of backing up your photography website and how Black & White conversion will help you create better photos. Grab a latte, pull up a chair and join us […]

Photography Website Design Best Practices – Audio mp3

Photography Website Design Best Practices – Audio mp3
By The Way… where in the heck did our Facebook Newsfeed Updates go?

Photographer Website Design & Best Practices || Facebook for Business Tip you can’t afford not to get!

So the response to our short recorded conversation really went over well. I would like to thank everyone for listening, all of the positive feedback and most of all the questions & comment you sent in to us. This week we touch on Pro Photographer website design and best practices along with answer a listeners’ question “Where in the heck did the majority of my Facebook Newsfeed go?”.

We discuss modern Flash based photographer websites verses a blog style WordPress alternative along with giving the listener something which can be immediately acted on that will certainly help their business communicate and stay current with client updates.

We hope you enjoy our brief conversations while picking up something that you can immediately put directly into practice. Drop us a comment or question and we’ll do our best to include it within our next discussion regarding all things Photography, Social Media Marketing and how they’re linked.