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Professional Photography Leather Flush Mount Album Wedding Boudoir Modeling & more

Professional Photography Leather Flush Mount Album

Destination Weddings, Boudoir (Classy & Sensual), Modeling & more

I’ve been asked so many times: “What Exactly Does a Custom Designed Leather Flush Mount Album Look Like?”. Well, here you go! After some thought on the topic and knowing the old days of sitting with a client showing book after book are, for the most part history, I’ve decided to bring the process closer to the digital age by allow past, present and future client to experience without having to be here in studio. …

Why Do Today’s Photographers Fear The Shadows? West Palm Beach Professional Photographer 9

Do Today’s Photographers Fear The Shadows?

Granted know one wants a BLACK SHADOW on one side of a person or object within every single Vertical Perspective Image but I think we’ve gone a bit over board now!

I believe to a certain degree, myself included, we have slowly become Shadow Phobic.

I recall like it was yesterday my first “decent” camera purchased while still in high school. It was a Minolta SRT-102 fully manual, metal frame, 35mm that could actually flash sync at a whooping 1/60th of a second! For 1974 technology, it was no slouch and allowed me to photograph solely in Black & White using many different types film while developing all my own work.

The wonderfully strange thing that occurred during this period was my ability to “ see” in black and white! I looked at images as groups of geometric shapes of light & dark and found myself using shadow to give skeleton to a frame and light to provide it with flesh.

Should a Professional Photographer Give Away Their Copyright? 5

Should a Professional Photographer Give Away Their Copyright?

Certain unique situations a client will call for the transfer of copyright / ownership of the photographers work. In these cases the professional is amply compensated, many times monetarily, for the sale of their copyright. I will cover these situations in a future discussion but for now; let’s look at the majority of commissioned photographic projects:

I hear this all the time … (voice of client)

I want ownership / copyright to all my photos
I want to be able to make my own prints
I want a CD or DVD with all original photos

Let me ask you something:

Q: Would a photographer or any other creative that was truly passionate about the work they do for you, your organization, product or event, be inclined to give away ownership to their creative work?

Do I Need a Professional Photographer? 11

Do I Need a Professional Photographer?

The following was inspired by a Poll introduced by @photojack on Twitter. The question posed was a simple one with a not so simple answer:

What Word or Phrase would you use to best describe the Photography industry today?

My answer was simply “ IN FLUX “ as I believe more than ever, that the amateurs in the industry are being weeded out daily and the professional photographers, passionate about their profession, like cream, are quickly rising to the top.

The introduction of digital technology has brought into to the market many part-time “shooters” that are directly competing with the full-time professional photographers. No studio expense, cheap equipment, many times no backup cameras, lens, lighting and charge a fraction of what a true full-time professional has to charge to make a living, all while providing mediocre photography at best.

During this “ FLUX “ the number of projects that I take on per month that are “re-shoots “ for clients that chose to use one of these part-timers has quadrupled from 2007. Most ask for a reduction in my rates as they indicate they already spent “X dollars“ and are over budget… and I simply say … (well, I’ll let you fill this in later)

Back to the question at hand “Do I Need a Professional Photographer? “

West Palm Beach Professional Photographer Model Headshot Corporate Event Wedding Portfolio 1

West Palm Beach Professional Photographer

Modeling Headshot Boudoir Corporate Event Wedding Portfolio & more

Everyone wants to know who they will be working with so I broke down and put up a picture of myself. As they say, “The Shoe Maker Goes Without Shoes” and as a professional photographer this also rings true but instead of shoes it’s photos of myself and family. 🙂

The proof is in the pudding! It’s my hope that you enjoy my blog and visit the ONLINE PORTFOLIO to see some of my current work. From Professional Headshot Photography to Magazine Cover Photography and beyond. This summer will be try too put at least 5-10 new images online a week! With in excess of 150,000 images “in the can”, it will be fun project to work on in between projects; wish me luck and please stop by frequently and view my online portfolio area.

My photography can be seen on Front Covers of Magazines Internationally, Brides Living-room Coffee Tables, Sensual Photography Boudoir Albums, Art Gallery Showings, Corporate Offices, Annual Reports, Fashion Designers Catalogs, Models Portfolios, Comp Cards and Actor & Actresses Head shots ( Headshot ), Advertising Agencies Stock Product, TV AD Spots and the list goes on. No job is too BIG! Over the years I have formed a team of professionals second to none which can accomplish any job at a competitive rate, impeccable professionalism and with exceptional final quality.

Visit CLIENTS tab to see a list of some of the many Corporations, Non-Profits, Models, Fashion Designers, Advertising Agencies, Authors, Brides and many more that I have worked or are still working with.

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