How to pick an Actor Headshot or Modeling Headshot Photographer? 2

How to pick an Actor Headshot or Modeling Headshot Photographer?


When commissioning a photographer, take the time to look at their portfolio, discuss with them exactly what you or the agency requires and for the Love of God, do your due diligence before wasting your money.
If you think (man or woman) you can do your own hair & makeup; SLAP YOURSELF once for being ignorant and twice for being so damn cheap! (Did I say that?… YES! YES I DID…) A hair & makeup artist on location during your session will not only provide you with a better photographic appearance but will also provide different hair do’s and fashion styling which ultimately will benefit you by providing a greater number of looks to proof through once your session is over.

James Monde modeling headshot photographer by Joseph Crisitna alluremm 304-720px West Palm Beach South Florida

Professional Corporate Branding Design & Photography by Joseph Cristina of Allure Multimedia, LLC

The Creating of an Image & Professional Branding of a Company 2

The Creating of an Image & Professional Branding of a Company

I’m publishing this short entry as a follow up to my previous article entitled ” Professional Branding Portraiture Photography – Ditch the 80’s Real Estate Head Shot “. Let me beginning by giving you some background: A few weeks back the studio receives contact from a brand new company which was in need of a “Look”, a “Brand”, or “Image” to allow their clients to recognize them immediately when seeing their promotional materials.

This strong association between the Company and the Brand is one of the most critical factors when starting a new venture and is so often over looked..

10 Ways to Convince Yourself, Family & Friends That You Must Have A Shiny New Apple #iPad

10 Ways to Convince Yourself, Family & Friends

That You Must Have A Shiny New Apple #iPad

1. The iPad will force me to be more organized while never again forgetting to complete what’s on my honey do list.

2. The iPad will force me to be more prompt; early instead of late to all future appointments and client meetings.

3. The iPad will take the place of my heavy portfolio as art directors will no longer have a need to see printed images.

4. The iPad will display my work so beautifully I will certainly obtain more clients while increasing over all profitability.

5. The iPad purchase will make me ECO friendly “Green” by no longer using paper; saving the forests and putting a halt to Global Warning.

6. The iPad purchase will allow Apple to hire more employees resulting in lowering unemployment.

7. The iPad will save me over $500 a year by no longer needing to purchase Newpapers or Magazines.

….ooops. This might contribute to higher unemployment… Ahh Whatever! … Read #6 – Relax – Drink the Kool Aid – Every-thing’s fine!

8. The iPad will raise my IQ 20 points by allowing me to take advantage of online classes from the comforts of my bathroom.

9. The iPad purchase will demonstrate to my clients that I’m on the bleeding edge of technology, an early adopter and certainly a leader NOT a follower.

… And the last reason that I absolutely must purchase a Brand New Shiny Apple iPad is that…

10. It’s just so darn sexy my libido will surely skyrocket from simply Turning It On!

….Honey… I’m home, let’s break out a bottle of wine, my iPad and head straight to bed!

OK FOLKS, Now you know why the Apple iPad is an absolute must have so get out there and pick up one of these Life Altering Marvels of Modern Day Technology … I AM

10 Ways to Convince Yourself, Family & Friend That You Must Have a Shiny New Apple iPad

Professional Photography Leather Flush Mount Album Wedding Boudoir Modeling & more

Professional Photography Leather Flush Mount Album

Destination Weddings, Boudoir (Classy & Sensual), Modeling & more

I’ve been asked so many times: “What Exactly Does a Custom Designed Leather Flush Mount Album Look Like?”. Well, here you go! After some thought on the topic and knowing the old days of sitting with a client showing book after book are, for the most part history, I’ve decided to bring the process closer to the digital age by allow past, present and future client to experience without having to be here in studio. …

Do I Need a Professional Photographer? 11

Do I Need a Professional Photographer?

The following was inspired by a Poll introduced by @photojack on Twitter. The question posed was a simple one with a not so simple answer:

What Word or Phrase would you use to best describe the Photography industry today?

My answer was simply “ IN FLUX “ as I believe more than ever, that the amateurs in the industry are being weeded out daily and the professional photographers, passionate about their profession, like cream, are quickly rising to the top.

The introduction of digital technology has brought into to the market many part-time “shooters” that are directly competing with the full-time professional photographers. No studio expense, cheap equipment, many times no backup cameras, lens, lighting and charge a fraction of what a true full-time professional has to charge to make a living, all while providing mediocre photography at best.

During this “ FLUX “ the number of projects that I take on per month that are “re-shoots “ for clients that chose to use one of these part-timers has quadrupled from 2007. Most ask for a reduction in my rates as they indicate they already spent “X dollars“ and are over budget… and I simply say … (well, I’ll let you fill this in later)

Back to the question at hand “Do I Need a Professional Photographer? “