Mitzvah Bar / Bat

Mitzvah Photography (Bar / Bat)
The journey is just beginning … Yasher koach … Mitzvah

This special time is handled with the same vigor as our weddings would be handled. Sacred, traditional, and of course fun filled. Mitzvah images are taken appropriately during the service (respecting the wishes of the Rabi), Formals and once again during the party. As with weddings, we like to photograph the bar/bat mitzvah young adult a few weeks prior to the event, process and have ready for display on easel an enlargement with sign in outside boarder for relatives and guests to inscribe their own well wishes as a permanent recording of their sentiments. As with all of our work, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photo Enlargements are treated to photo-retouching and enhancing to create absolute stunning timeless images to be cherished by generations to come.