Kids Portfolio

Kids / Children Portfolio Photography
Kids / Children Portfolios are a must have when trying to get them noticed

In today’s highly competitive kids modeling industry a models Comp Card and Model Portfolio is so critical. Many times the Kid with the best Comp Card or Portfolio will get the job even before being seen. As with adult models, it is imperative that kids put your best “face” forward and this is where Allure Multimedia SHINES! We make sure that their absolute best marketable assets are placed front and center while taking the attention off of any problem areas. Kids Portfolios and Model Comp Cards are treated like any other marketing product which we photograph or develop advertising to promote. We will NEVER include mediocre shots as it would look bad for both parties. ONLY the best of the best are retouched into high-end magazine quality image, allowing their beauty to jump off the paper. Remember, a Kids Portfolio is their calling card within the industry!

Use Allure Multimedia for your Kids Portfolio or Kids Comp Card or simply to update an existing one which needs just a little bit more spark to push your career to the next level!