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Boudoir photographers transforms the every day woman into a starlet/supermodel

Boudoir Photos

One of our specialties is the form of photography called Boudoir. It appeals to both young and older and is simply a very classic, sensual, sexy but tasteful method of photographing the human form in the most appealing light possible. Similar to Fashion or Modeling portfolios shoots, myself and Licensed Cosmetologist, Fabiola Cristina, my amazing wife, come to you on location, or you will come to the studio. Once your transformation is complete (Hair, Makeup and Fashion Styling), a full photo shoot, complete with studio lighting, Custom Set Design and alike is enjoyed by you. Images produced during these sessions in many cases have positively impacted the lives of the participants. Boudoir photographs can be solely for your someone special, shared with your friends and family or even placed into a modeling portfolio; it’s completely up to you!

Over the years I have witnessed many amazing transformation! When a client comes to me to have “sensual images” taken for themselves or a loved one many seem to worry about their imperfection but by the time the session is over they feel comfortable, confident and not wanting their special time to end!

Once Boudoir Photos are are processed, minor “imperfections” removed and enlargements received, the client’s self confidence skyrockets! Boudoir photography, done tastefully, is a truly life altering experience for many.

These images will be with you for a life time to commemorate your beauty during a specific stage of your life. Boudoir is great for a Wedding Gift for you husband to be, Valentines Day, Birthday, Anniversary or just as a personal gift too yourself or someone special. Sign up for a boudoir photo session today but before you do…

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Interviewed by the

I was just recently interviewed by the TodayShow regarding my Boudoir Photography along with another professional boudoir photographer from the West Coast, California, Corina Marie Howell. Knowing Laura T. Coffey of the reviewed many boudoir photographer’s from East to West Coast and being selected for the interview was an honor. She was very nice to speak to and the experience was simply a pleasure.

During our interview, Laura and I discussed, “just what exactly is Boudoir Photography”, what is was and what it was not! It seems that when she did a search she had, as I expected, seen alot of what I would simply call, garbage, soft porn, X or at best unflattering portrayals of the women. These are not Boudoir Photos!

Here’s an excerpt of the piece just published on Fri., Feb. 6, 2009 see the complete story on the website.

An Internet search using the words “boudoir photography,” “sensual photography” or “tasteful, sexy photography” turns up all sorts of Web sites for photo studios across the United States. Based on the photos displayed on various sites, some businesses truly do tasteful work. Others’ images might be described as, well, pornographic at best.

Joseph Cristina, 39, a photographer based in West Palm Beach, Fla., has been doing boudoir photography for more than 10 years now. That’s not all he does; his studio, Allure Multimedia, also specializes in wedding photos, engagement photos, family portraits and commercial photography. When a boudoir photography assignment comes his way, though, he makes sure certain rules apply: No nudity, no porn, and his wife, a licensed cosmetologist, is almost always present to help put the woman being photographed at ease.

“Some photography you’ll see out there is not boudoir photography at all,” Cristina said. “It’s basically R- and X-rated. Lots of guys do that, and it’s garbage. It’s not what it’s about.

“Boudoir photography, or sensual photography, is about making the woman comfortable and portraying her in the best light possible. The person’s looks don’t matter as much as how they’re feeling. … Marilyn Monroe stuff back in the day? Now that’s boudoir.”

Cristina said he’s noticed a jump in the popularity of boudoir photography in the past three or four years, and he’s not entirely sure why. But like clockwork around Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and each year’s wedding season, he starts getting calls from women who are considering having photos taken for the men in their lives.

Corina Marie Howell

Howell said many photo shoots begin with a woman interacting with a prop, such a plate of cupcakes or cookies. “It’s easier than starting with a plain backdrop,” she said. “Then you just have your own body, and it’s a lot harder than people think.”

“It’s basically a gift of the heart,” he said. “It’s a gift from somebody who is taking time to capture their ‘self’ or their essence at a particular time of their life and immortalize it. ‘This is me, for you, when I was 30.’ ‘This is me, for you, when I was 45.’ Age doesn’t matter. Capturing a moment and keeping it is what matters.”

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Another Professional Sensual Boudoir Photography Session

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Boudoir Photos Online

I have uploaded a past Professional Boudoir Photo Shoot to showcase some of my “Tasteful & Sensual Boudoir Photography”. From boudoir lighting to poses, we strive to make the client at ease, first and foremost, and confident that their final product will be CLASSY NOT TRASHY with a focus on the inner beauty which jumps out of a photograph when captured properly.

Bridal Boudoir Photography is one of our most requested projects these days. Bridal Boudoir Photographer’s like myself are a new breed of sensual photographers. I liken my Boudoir Vision to that of the 20’s and 30’s time period when woman where photographed in a pleasing and tasteful sensual light and never depicted negatively!

I have found that Brides that are looking for a Bridal Boudoir Photographer are searching through countless website filled with “soft porn” to straight out nasty photographs being pedaled as “Bridal Boudoir”. For this reason, Fabiola of Fairytale Beauty, LLC, my fabulous wife, and I have been fielding countless requests for truly tasteful sensual boudoir sessions. Brides love to be able to give this incredibly personal gift to their husbands to be on their honeymoon or before their wedding.

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— Boudoir Sensual Photography Professional Palm Beach Photographer.