Maternity Portrait

Maternity Photography
A time to remember … A time to share … Maternity images

Maternity photography is all about the mother to be and her beautiful baby soon to be brought into this world. Here, tastefully put together shots are our forte. We concentrate on the radiance of the mother and her loving expressions. In most cases, we ask that the father is seen in a portion of these images allowing us to capture the couples loving bond. These timeless maternity photographs are wonderful keepsakes enjoyed by our clients and their siblings years to come. Instead of using a COLD studio for this type of photography we shoot on location, bring our professional studio lighting and a licensed cosmetologist to you. Being in their natural surroundings allow our client to be more comfortable and ultimately the final images reflect this warm atmosphere! Maternity photographs can be special heirloom to be past down from generation to generation marking this special moment in time!