PhotoPlus Expo & Some Architectural Photography in New York City 2

PhotoPlus Expo Manhattan New York

Photography by Joseph Cristina from Palm Beach, FL

I would like to apologize for fallowing behind! So instead of jumping ahead I’m going to pickup where I left off.

PPE – PhotoPlus Expo went over unbelievably! Too recap, I was asked to shoot the video for an amazing seminar at PhotoPlus Expo entitled: “New Media Marketing for Next Generation Photographers” in Manhattan’s Javis Center. An all star line up of industry leaders speaking which includes: Jack Hollingsworth, Lindsay Adler, Rosh Sillars & Trevor Current.

When not speaking, in seminars, walking the trade floor we took time to enjoy each other’s company and talk shop!

So instead of getting long winded, which I’m very known for, I’ll spare all of you the details and instead share a few photos from the trip. This is a Photo Blog, or at least that’s what they tell me, so … without further adieu … I hope you enjoy!

Finally the whole gang Rosh Sillars, Seshu, Jack Hollingsworth, Trevor Current & Joseph Cristina

PhotoPlus Expo @ Javits NYC * Cinematography / Professional Event Photography 1

Even more exciting is the fact that I was asked to shoot the video for an amazing seminar entitled: New Media Marketing for Next Generation Photographers on Friday. The Cinematography will be shot using multiple Canon 5DmkII and digitally recorded via the incredible H4N. Behind the scenes / Teaser video coming soon after the event. There will be an star studded line up of industry leader speaking which include: Jack Hollingsworth, Lindsay Adler, Rosh Sillars & Trevor Current all speaking about Marketing & Social Networking for the photographer. This is a must see for any Beginner, Intermediate or Pro Photographers that wishes to hedge their marketing dollars by using today social media avenues! If your in the area, come by and say hello! I’m always eager to me new interest people. Don’t forget to ask Lindsay or Rosh to sign their new book for you: The Linked Photographers’ Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media

If you or your organization requires 30 second ad spot, commercials, music videos or any other type of cinematography, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a proposal. You may call 561.762.8968 or complete our contact form here!

Palm Beach Destination Wedding Photography & Cinematography

Palm Beach Destination Wedding Photography &

Wedding Cinematography

by Allure Multimedia Professional Photography & Cinematography

* * * *

Is it time for your Destination Wedding? Are looking for Professional Destination Wedding Photography or Wedding Cinematography and need to keep the event under wraps until the event is over or possibly indefinitely? If so, look no further! We’ve worked with and are trusted by celebrities, sports icons, government officials to fortune 100 companies due to our unwavering professionalism and integrity.

Palm Beach Destination Wedding Photography - Destination Wedding Cinematography South Florida Bride Groom Washington Post Photo allure multimedia #3


Destination Wedding Photography South Florida Boca Raton at Boca Resort & Spa 1

From Wedding Photography, Wedding Cinematography, Bridal Hair & Makeup Styling; last weeks wedding was absolutely stellar to say the least! Located at the beautiful Boca Raton Resort & Spa, a stunning venue for picture perfect South Florida destination weddings in East Boca Raton South Florida on the gorgeous inter-coastal waterway.

Having a background in magazine photography and as a Fashion and Portrait Photographer with an eye for the fine arts; it’s my goal to provide the bride & groom with photographs which look ready to be published within a bridal magazine, wall portrait or even seen hung in an art gallery. As they say, the devils’ in the details and the details are a major part of my style of wedding photography. I include my signature artistic flare while providing a fun easy going attitude capturing the day as it unfolds and not forcing images which would later look unnatural.

American Heart Association Gala Event Heart Ball 2010 North Palm Beach Florida

This was a amazing gala event raising money & awareness for the American Heart Association. Honorary Chair was the one and only, New York Jets Hero and Legion, Joe Namath.

Sidenote: Joe Namath was down to earth, wonderful to speak to and really understanding while having to photograph him for over an hour in his VIP room seen above! What a great sport!

For Professional Gala Event Photography, For Profit & Non-Profit Event Coverage or confidential celebrity photos sessions, drop us a line!

American Heart Association Gala Event Heart Ball North Palm Beach Florida - Professional Gala Event Photography by Joseph Cristina * Allure Multimedia

Allure Multimedia Professional Commercial Photographer * Q: ISO vs Strobes vs Monolights 2

Will higher useable ISO create a resurgence of small Strobes vs Monolights?

As an event and commercial photographer base in West Palm Beach, FL, I’m continuously replacing old gear with new to increase productivity. Well, yesterday I began searching for a new set of studio strobes as ours are… let’s just say… getting at bit long in the tooth!

Jumped head first into researching which of today’s monolights was not only high quality but also were the best bang for the buck. While reading reviews and of course asking friends and fellow professional photographers, @trevorcurrent, @photojack, @lensflare35, @newmediaphoto, just to name a few, on Twitter — my second home. Quickly it became apparent that this cross section of well-recognized Pros would have answers as diverse as the style of photography they worked in. From Alien Bee to ProFoto and everything in between!