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Everyone wants to know who they will be working with so I broke down and put up a picture of myself. As they say, “The Shoe Maker Goes Without Shoes” and as a professional photographer this also rings true but instead of shoes it’s photos of myself and family. 🙂

The proof is in the pudding! It’s my hope that you enjoy my blog and visit the ONLINE PORTFOLIO to see some of my current work. From Professional Headshot Photography to Magazine Cover Photography and beyond. This summer will be try too put at least 5-10 new images online a week! With in excess of 150,000 images “in the can”, it will be fun project to work on in between projects; wish me luck and please stop by frequently and view my online portfolio area.

My photography can be seen on Front Covers of Magazines Internationally, Brides Living-room Coffee Tables, Sensual Photography Boudoir Albums, Art Gallery Showings, Corporate Offices, Annual Reports, Fashion Designers Catalogs, Models Portfolios, Comp Cards and Actor & Actresses Head shots ( Headshot ), Advertising Agencies Stock Product, TV AD Spots and the list goes on. No job is too BIG! Over the years I have formed a team of professionals second to none which can accomplish any job at a competitive rate, impeccable professionalism and with exceptional final quality.

Visit CLIENTS tab to see a list of some of the many Corporations, Non-Profits, Models, Fashion Designers, Advertising Agencies, Authors, Brides and many more that I have worked or are still working with.

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Yet Another Professional Sensual Boudoir Photography Session

I have uploaded a past Professional Boudoir Photo Shoot to showcase some of my “Tasteful & Sensual Boudoir Photography”. From boudoir lighting to poses, we strive to make the client at ease, first and foremost, and confident that their final product will be classy, NOT CHEESY, timeless, NOT TRASHY with a focus on the inner beauty which jumps out of a photograph when captured properly.

Bridal Boudoir Photography is one of our most requested projects these days. Bridal Boudoir Photographer’s like myself are a new breed and honestly few and far between. I liken our work to that of the 20’s and 30’s when woman where photographed in a pleasing and tasteful sensual light and never trashy!

I have found that Brides that are looking for a Bridal Boudoir Photographer are searching through countless website filled with “soft porn” to straight out nasty photographs being pedaled as “Bridal Boudoir”. For this reason, Fabiola of Fairytale Beauty, LLC, my fabulous wife, and I have been fielding many requests for truly tasteful sensual boudour sessions. Brides love to be able to give this incredibly personal gift to their husbands to be on their honeymoon or before.

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Kelley Hall – Professional Model Headshot / Actor Head Shots Palm Beach South Florida

elley was such a pleasure to work with. With very little coaching, she was hitting pose after pose. The above photos were just a few from this week’s 2 hour modeling headshot session with Kelley Hall. Fabiola of Fairytale Beauty, LLC, my fabulous wife provided all hair and makeup for this shoot. Fabiola specializes in Professional Bridal Hair & Makeup Services in South Florida but as a team, Fabiola and myself work on many projects to from actor headshots; celebrity head shots; male & female model headshots; all forms of headshot photography in palm beach Florida; fashion; commercial; wedding photography; catalog; gala events; boudoir sessions and much much more. For over 15 years we have been honing our skills and hope it shows in our work.

It is my goal to positively change the lives of all I photograph. I put 110% of my heart and soul into each and every image. As they say, the devils in the details; I truly believe this to be the case! From the countless hours of dark room retouching / photo processing elbows deep in chemicals to now sitting in front of multiple 30″ LCD monitors. The methods have changed over time but the time to create a work of art has not.

Thanks for visiting my blog and if you have any questions regarding booking mine or Fabiola’s services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

60th Anniversary Gala Event Photography for the Discerning Individual

What an amazing job! The Decor, Food and Entertainment was all FIVE STAR to say the very least. Chef Rick as always created some incredible culinary delights for the couple closes 100+ friends and family. It was truly my pleasure to capture this momentous evening unfold. Only true love will last for this number of years. Congratulation and many many more happy and healthy years to you both!

As always many images of the guests are being withheld to respect their privacy. As a professional photographer with near 20 years experience, covering gala events, celebrity events and alike; my clients trust in my photographic abilities along with my discretion when covering their events.